When Purchasing From Other Stores or Websites

We understand how frustrating it can be to have a sauna that is not working properly. 

So we can get things sorted out in the quickest and most efficient manner, please review the instructions below. 

You'll need to obtain the following details...

  1. The support email from the website or authorized reseller who you purchased the sauna from.
    (If you are unable to find or obtain the email, skip this action)
  2. Your original order #
  3. The model # purchased
  4. Your shipping address.
    (Please be able to find to original address the sauna was shipped)
  5. If the sauna and the items to be replaced are under warranty, please provide the serial number
  6. Please describe the item that is damaged or needs replacement.
    We recommend to include photos 
  7. When you've collected as much of the above information as you can, click the button below to send us an email and cc the support email of the authorized reseller mentioned in step 1. 


~ Please make sure you've completed
the steps above before clicking the button ~